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The Aroma Company are the UK’s leading innovators of scent marketing technology and are globally recognised as industry experts.

Established in 1993, we’re a small and unique close knit team who over time have built close relationships with agencies, retailers and the world’s global consumer goods companies such as Unilever and Proctor and Gamble, who are looking to improve their brand identity and presence in marketing campaigns using the sense of smell. Take a look at who we have worked with in our portfolio section, you will probably recognise a lot of our clients.

No job is the same for us here; from the quirky and bonkers campaigns for TV and tourist boards using the smell of ‘Ghost’ to household brand names using their own fragrances in global campaigns, we’ve done it all.

Send us an email at info@aromaco.co.uk or give us a call on +44 (0)1491 835510  and we can discuss what’s right for you.


of consumers said the use of aroma would enhance the overall image of the retail store


said it would stimulate a purchase


of consumers said the ability to smell the product was a real advantage when making a decision to purchase

In the midst of the explosion in the number of communication channels with consumers, and within such a crowded marketplace, emotional engagement with brands has never been more important.

The more frequently and consistently a brand can connect with a consumer on an emotional level, the strong and deeper the brand engagement.

Research has shown that of the five senses smell is the sense most linked to our emotional recollection. So, when linked to a product, it can reap dividends.

Studies show that 75% of emotions are triggered by smell which is linked to pleasure, well-being and memory.

The Aroma Company provide solutions for incorporating scent into marketing and communications to:

• enhance the connection with the brand;
• influence the buying process
• get consumers talking about and interacting with the brand and campaign

"Consumers use all of their senses to experience a brand. The sense of smell emotionally effects humans up to 75% more than any other sense”"

Martin Lindstrom, Brand Sense




The patented interactive sampling invention that delivers an aroma at the push of a button. A quick, simple and creative way to help customers connect with your display - and linger for longer.

• Ideal for any type of fragrance or flavour sampling – be that a brand fragrance or food flavour.

• No need for a power supply.

• Perfect for multi sampling as several can sit alongside each other on a display without the aromas mixing.

• No liquid content.

• Easy to install the flexible design; ideal for POS, product launches, poster sites and exhibitions.

• Lasts up to 8 weeks.


Shelf ready

Touch to smell

Touch to smell

Touch to Smell is a modern day scratch and sniff which uses encapsulation to create aroma solutions in print. Aromatic oil is formulated into a specialist printing medium which forms an invisible layer of microscopic bubbles on the paper or card. When touched, these bubbles release a burst of aroma, giving a perfect rendition.








Aroma infusion technology. Some of our technologies work beautifully without any interaction at all. Aroma is infused within paper, card or beads and gently emits over time, making it a simple way to help your brand to stand out.






Aroma diffusion technology. Creating a brand fragrance zone? Enhancing shopper experiences? Evoking a memorable, theatrical atmosphere? Have a look at our products above to see how they can help you do it.

OS Pro




Aroma centre

Aroma centre

Whether looking for your own bespoke fragrance, inspiration from our library or looking to include scent in your print projects- the Aroma Centre can cater for all your needs.



From the Blog

Building Memories

Father's Day Gifts

Father’s Day Gifts

This year Father’s Day, in the UK, is on Sunday June 21st.

For many of you when thinking about your dad, in your list of memories or thoughts there is probably an associated aroma; a cologne, aftershave or moisturiser, soap or body wash, a food or drink item etc. If you were exposed to that aroma right now, your memories or thoughts would become clearer, more intense.

Surround me in the smell of a particular citrus body wash or passing someone in a pub with a sweet whisky, brings a smile to my face and my dad’s face to my mind….

Ok, back to the day job!

With Father’s Day fast approaching, and the above products being key items on the list of popular presents, are you doing everything possible to help build these types of long lasting memories and associations for your brand?

Does your marketing mix include an aroma sampling option?

Our aromatic solutions have been accepted into all the major supermarkets and high street health and beauty retailers. We have a wide range of options which can be tailored to every budget.

Don’t make the mistake of leaving it too late for Father’s Day – pick up the phone now and talk to us about the simple ways that your product’s fragrance or aroma can be incorporated into your promotional plans. Tel: 01491 835510 or email us on info@aromaco.co.uk


Scented men's products

Scented men’s products – purchase the wash bag at www.notonthehighstreet.com

Polyester front & back

Odorama is BACK

As part of Scalarama 2014, John Waters’ POLYESTER returns to the big screen, now in ODORAMA once more. Audience members at screenings across the world will receive our special touch to smell cards (scratch ‘n’ sniff) to smell along with the film, which stars Divine as a suburban Baltimore housewife plagued by her philandering husband, perverted offspring and worst of all – bad odours!

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VW Camper

Tropical Treat For Your Senses

Our client TRO was tasked to build awareness of Ribena’s new tropical flavours and drive sales via a nationwide sampling campaign. They built a bright and vibrant Ribena branded

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In-store sampling of brand fragrance is over 200 times more effective than TV media!

Wow, quite a headline if you are a media buyer or a brand planner! Makes you think doesn’t it?

In truth we’re not comparing like with like here but in the context of choosing the right marketing mix, why don’t more brands – especially personal care, homecare and food & beverage – spend far more of their budget on fragrance activation in store? It’s a damn good question.

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The Great Smell of Brute

York tourist board brought us in to create a Viking ‘fragrance’ for men who want to stink like a ninth century Norse warrior…

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