In Store Diffusion for Body Shop Stores

Project Details

We all know that the smell of somewhere can instantly change the way you feel. Body Shop are one of our favourite clients as they have listened to the science and realised by diffusing scents into their store, it leads to more sales of the product!

Every 2 months they change the scent to link with a new campaign. Some of which have now included Mango Body butter, Banana shampoo, and Ginger shower gel (a Christmas favourite!). The Os Pro dry diffuser was used, as they are the simplest kit to have when changing over a scent frequently (think nespresso style scent cartridges- slot in a new one and off you go!) They also run themselves, and don’t have any worries in regards to anyone breathing in anything as they don’t release particulates- they are dry. Clever eh?

  • Client: The Body Shop
  • Campaign: Diffusion in store
  • Solution: Os Pro diffuser