Storm DFX for Unilever

Project Details

Long-standing clients of ours- Storm DFX- approached us on a new project that they were working on with Unilever. The PG tips brand were launching fruit teas (into Tesco) and wanted something that was going to make the new product stand out. We were approached to create the scents of the teas and then find a solution to make the free standing unit smell- without the use of battery operated devices or mains power. Through extensive testing we found the best solution was our infusion technology. The material we infused with the bespoke tea aromas was then inbuilt into the FSDU. Simple, effective, powerful. Oh the difference smell can make!

See below fabulous feedback we have had:

“Something new and you can smell the flavour before seeing the product”  Grocery MGR

“I like flavoured Tea and at £1 I’ll be giving these a try” this was from a regular Twinings shopper (she was shopping the Fruit Tea’s bay when she smelt our display).

“What’s that smell” this was from 2 colleagues working 10 foot away

“I Normally Smell the Boxes to get an idea, this is fantastic for me. Will you be doing this with the other varieties”  Young shopper

  • Client: Storm DFX for Unilever
  • Campaign: PG Tips, Fruits Teas for Tesco launch
  • Solution: Infusion