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Project Details

In April 2016 we were contacted by The Open University’s Colin Snodgrass to do something ghastly- re-create the stench of a comet.

Its arresting smell is inspired by the presence of hydrogen sulphide, ammonia and hydrogen cyanide on the comet. Because some of these are poisonous, however, synthetic scents had to be recreated which includes, manure, rotten eggs, and cat urine!  The compounds were picked up in readings from the Philae landing craft, which made contact with the comet in November 2014, having blasted off from earth more than 10 years earlier.

With the ‘eau de comet’ now created- fragranced postcards were commissioned to hand out at the Royals Society’s Summer Science Exhibition 2016 | Monday 4 July – Sunday 10 July | London and will be handed out to visitors for info on the comet and to smell the interesting concocted aroma!

This particular project has picked up some great press- and Dr Colin Snodgrass even appeared on BBC’s the one show in June 16 to discuss the fragrance and the aroma companies involvement!

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  • Client: The Open University
  • Campaign: The Royal Societys Summer Science Exhibition
  • Solution: Fragrance Creation- ‘aromasourcing’ and touch to smell postcards.