Project Details

At the Aroma Co, we not only offer a suite of products to fit client needs, we also build products around clients requirements! This is exactly what happened, when approached by creative agency MKTG on behalf of Tiffany. They were creating an immersive Christmas installation to go into St Pancras station in London and needed our expertise in diffusing the fragrance and making sure it was safe and all tick boxes and paperwork satisfactory for TFL. We worked with Tiffanys fragrance oil and created cartridges to put into our scent diffusers, programmed to release fragrance at a beautiful ambient level at specific intervals for commuters and shoppers to enjoy. The diffusion kit was built into the ‘presents’ and base of the tree, so the tree not only smells beautiful, but looks incredible. A multi-sensory, immersive Christmas extravaganza!

  • Client: Tiffany (Coty), MKTG, Plunge
  • Campaign: Tiffany Christmas Tree at St Pancras
  • Solution: Diffusion with client fragrance