Debenhams, Daisy Love Launch

Project Details

At the aroma co, we not only offer a suite of products to fit client needs, we also build products around clients requirements! This is exactly what happened, when GTMS and The Persuaders came to us to say they were building a display for the launch of Daisy Love, and would it possible for us to build a diffuser that can fit into a giant daisy flower?! No problem for us! We built the kit to be motion activated. When clients walk up to the daisy, a pleasant aroma is released into the vicinity via nebulisation vapour technology. No nasty ‘spritzing’ going on here. Activation preferences also include push buttons, #tweets, digital display control- it goes on…

A great opportunity for us to work with the mega house that is Coty on such a prolific launch, and a beautiful displays in Oxford Streets Debenhams.

  • Client: Coty, GTMS, The Persuaders
  • Campaign: Debenhams Oxford Street, Daisy Love UK Launch
  • Solution: Bespoke diffusion