Glock for Bombay Sapphire

Project Details

Creative agency Glock came through to us following the success of the original nosing cards we created in 2017/18 for Bombay Sapphire, they wanted to do a rerun of the fantastic scented menu. The multi layered print gives gin lovers the opportunity to experience the different botanicals that create a delicious gin cocktail. The idea of the piece is to let your senses decide which drink is going to be right for you. Floral, citrus, spicy, or the new limited English Estate. The print was a complicated piece, with not only the wonderful aromas, but gold foiling, layered paging and perforated edges for you to be able to take your choice up to the bar!

  • Client: Glock for Bombay Sapphire
  • Campaign: Nosing Cards
  • Solution: Bespoke Fragrances & Touch to Smell Print