Posters for Heaps and Stacks on behalf of Marks & Spencers

Project Details

Everyone loves the nostalgic ‘Scratch and Sniff’ and whilst our technology is more advanced than that now (no nails or coins needed) we love it when people are trying to create a ‘sweet shop’ for adults when creating playful events. Heaps and stacks wanted to do a scented wall for the launch of M&S’s Easter Food Event- with the smell of blueberry hot cross buns! We created a bespoke aroma for this one, with the blend of the fruity blueberry & buttery buns.

As we had limited time, the only solution was to create smaller posts that Heaps and Stacks could ‘grid’ to create the wall effect. A great example of us being able to deliver even when the original idea isnt possible in the time frame. The results looked and smelt fantastic!

  • Client: Heaps and Stacks for Marks and Spencer
  • Campaign: ‘Scratch and Sniff Wallpaper’
  • Solution: Touch to Smell Print